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What Killed Editorilally?

On February 12, 2014 the very talented team at Editorially, a web-based collaborative writing app, announced that they would be closing their doors.

As someone whose team has been hard at work on our own product, I can only...

2013 Recap

For me, 2013 felt like the middle part of a trilogy. It was long and nothing particularly exciting happened but it laid the groundwork for the next part of the story.

The Outfit

At The Outfit, we entered into our second year of business. In February,...

Learning Hurdles

I've been playing around with all sorts of programming languages for the past couple of years but hadn't committed to any of them. I understood programming in principle but couldn't find it in myself to dig in. I'm not exactly sure what happened but, a couple of months ago, I finally chose a...

An Ode to Build Guild on it's Fifth Anniversary

If you know me, you've probably heard me talk lovingly about Build Guild. Today marks its fifth anniversary of existence and my third anniversary of attending. It's difficult to emphasize how much I owe to one meetup.

The good friends and connections Amy and I...

Getting Crafty

It's been a busy half year, not only for me and my team at The Outfit, but in the content management world as well. Recently I put Statamic through its paces and, while it's definitely worth a look, now it's Craft's...

Entries by Year Plugin


The bad news is that this plugin is no longer supported. The good news is that it's because Statamic now handles this natively with the group_by_date parameter! Check out the Statamic docs for more.

I've spent the last...

2012 Recap

A lot changed in 2012. Here are some notable highlights, roughly in order of how they happened:

Good Looks

In January, Amy, my partner in both domestic and business capacities, decided she was ready to start writing about style and fashion, subjects which she has developed quite a passion...

Redesigning with Statamic

There have been some sizable changes to this website since you've seen it last, inside and out. On the inside, a new content management system and on the outside, a new design.

The Outside

As I set out to make the next version of this site, my focus was on a design that is easy on the...